• Tessa Gray

    Tessa Gray

    Social in tech | Music junkie | Kindness always | Here to learn from others and maybe share a thought or two

  • Christina Garnett

    Christina Garnett

    Community Builder + Strategist | Social Listening Analyst | Featured in The Startup, Better Marketing, and Digital Vault, and The Next Web | In The Trenches

  • Amanda.


    Feel your feelings.

  • Stephanie Tollis

    Stephanie Tollis

    Forever seeking to be understood, yet identifying as ‘misunderstood’.

  • Angela Drake

    Angela Drake

  • Universe


    University of Washington Alumni | Critical thinker | Artist | Editor of Wreader | Writer for The Ascent, Hello, Love, Illumination, and More |

  • Ben Kusnetzky

    Ben Kusnetzky

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