The Good Ol’ Boys Club

I woke up this morning to the wonderful Kacey Musgraves song playing in my head and thought I’ve not heard this song in forever. I have, however, heard this song recently.

I hear it every day. I live it, rather.

It reminds me of the new Taylor Swift song, Exile, that says “I think I’ve seen this film before”. I absolutely have seen this film before. I’m living it.

I’ve lived this song for a while. What I’ve realized is that it’s all good and well for straight, white men. It’s all good and well for men in positions of power. It’s all fun and games for the lazy man who gets by on the fact that they’re a man in power, protected by the other asshole men in power.

But what’s it like for those of us without memberships to this club? Those of us who aren’t protected by the bros upstairs? We work our asses off, receive little support, aren’t recognized for the good or powerful or tough times we experience on a daily basis.

I often feel exiled by the Good Ol’ Boys. Not me, alone, but exiled with all the other misfits and outcasts. We’re all exiled together on this Western isle, forced to work work work, keep our mouths shut, and not ask questions.

I’ve never really been the kind of person to sit back and let this happen. I’ve always been rooting for the underdog. I’ve always been the squeaky wheel. I’ve always liked doing it my own way.

I’ve been considering applying for this really cool job. It’s a dream position, actually, in communications. I truly believe I can tell our story much better than the people currently telling it. But, the more interested in the position I became, the more anxious I got.

It’s a position of power, if you will. I’d be working more closely with administration. But this new position wouldn’t grant me membership to the Good Ol’ Boys Club. Even if it did, I wouldn’t want to be part of it. Fuck that.

I think waking up to this song was a gentle reminder not to pressure myself into anything I’m not ready for. Anything that doesn’t align with my values and my character. I don’t wanna be part of your Good Ol’ Boys Club. Not today. Not ever.



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