I’m gonna be honest. Losing you broke me.

Into a million pieces. Shattered, like a glass on the floor.

You broke my heart. You broke my soul. You made me realize I’ve been broken for a long time. You were the crack that took me from glued together to irreparable.

The harm that has been done can never be restored. Losing you broke me.

I’m telling my story. I’m telling your story. I’m telling everyone about my hurt. My pain. My brokenness. I need everyone to know how I feel.

I’ve broken down with Shelley, Paul and Matt, Shelby, Mikay, and today, Katie. I never expected to be speaking up and breaking down the way that I have lately. I guess I thought I’d only feel this with my closest friends. Scott, Hope, McKenzie, Jodi, Monica. They’re easy. I’m always broken with them. They’re my community. But I’ve always tried to be strong for everyone else.

Sharing my brokenness with others has been liberating, surprisingly.

You broke me, but you’ve opened me up to healing and growth and authenticity in a real way.

I’m no longer afraid to be a bitch. I’m no longer afraid to be assertive. I’m no longer afraid to speak my mind and share my story. I’m no longer afraid to share my emotions.

You broke me. Shattered, and somehow beautiful. Because you opened me up in a way that I wouldn’t have on my own. For that I thank you.

Communicator. Educator. Empath. Survivor. Writer.